Hentai fans rejoice!

After 13 long years, adult anime market pioneer SoftCel Pictures is back, shaking up the North American home video scene with a sizzling new slate of Japans wildest animated entertainment. With an emerging catalog of uncut, uncensored, and high-definition Blu-rays, SoftCel Pictures reputation as the premiere distributor of “hentai” animation will be at the forefront.

The revival of SoftCel Pictures is driven by a new mission:

to achieve maximum market penetration and bring the finest in animated erotic entertainment directly from Japan to an eager and willing audience; to bring startling Blu-ray level clarity to acts that previously were hidden under sheets and layers of mosaics; and to boldly let anime characters go where they have never gone before!

With the finest translation, English-subtitles, and HD materials that allow the viewers to take in every detail, SoftCel will deliver the highest quality in adult animated entertainment, straight from the uncut, uncensored masters. SoftCel Pictures aims to provide a sensual and sense pounding animated experience that exceeds all audience expectations, taking the viewer to dizzying new heights of ecstasy. The only thing not included is ribbing for enhanced viewing pleasure.

The Patients of Dr. Maro

Hikomaro, better known as Dr. Maro, knows his way around the human body and can stick a thermometer in like a professional. Unfortunately, his medical ethics are seriously lacking, his concept of an appropriate Doctor-Patient relationship is entirely inappropriate, and his common sense is as non-functional as his sense of morality. When Sakimi and Masashi, a young married couple, come to inquire about a medical issue and to consult on the possibility of having children, what starts as a routine breast exam spirals madly out of control. Then, when Dr. Maro’s far too intimate examination of the blushing bride results in a bashing husband, Maro finds his manual dexterity severely reduced by a pair of casts. Even then, Maro finds a way to come out on top, and to keep the not-so-good doctor from suing her husband, Sakimi must become his VERY personal servant in THE PATIENTS OF DR. MARO!